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Κεντρικό Λογότυπο

Kappos Etsi Restaurant, Aegina Island, Greece


The first “Kappos Etsi” restaurant was located in the area of Kipseli and since 2009 has been an integral part of Aegina’s food culture. In 2013, the chef and owner of “Kappos Etsi”, Dimitris Kappos, found a new home for his creation, a listed building made of stone located right in the heart of the town of Aegina, at P. Irioti Street.

Just 300 yards from the port, in one of the most picturesque side streets of Aegina, Dimitris Kappos will guide you into a realm of delicious Greek cuisine, blending traditional ingredients and cooking techniques with a modern flair for artistic dishes to tempt every palate.

A cozy and friendly atmosphere envelops both the inside of the stone-built restaurant and its traditional garden dining area. It offers you a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy gastronomic dishes created with culinary artistry. “Kappos Etsi” welcomes you and is faithful to the aromas and flavours of the Greek earth through using fresh ingredients. You may wish to accompany your meal with one of the fine selection of Greek wines from the “Kappos Etsi” cellar. To complete the culinary experience you are invited to choose from one of the many delicious handmade desserts.

Since the winter of 2017 and from now on, Chef Dimitris Kappos will welcome you to his new place “Kappos Allios” a tavern that completes and satisfies the needs of any demanding food lover.

“Kappos Etsi” and “Kappos Allios” offer you the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of Greek flavours perfectly adapted to the demands for quality and delicious food.

About the Chef

Φωτογραφία του Σεφ Δημήτρη Κάππου, ο οποίος είναι ο ιδιοκτήτης του εστιατορίου Κάππος Έτσι στο νησί της Αίγινας

Dimitris Kappos was born and raised on the beautiful island of Aegina. In 1999, Dimitris graduated from Le Monde Culinary Arts School of Athens. After ten years furthering his professionalism in Greek cuisine, Dimitris decided to run his own restaurant. In 2009, he created the first “Kappos Etsi” on Aegina, which, at that time, was located in Kipseli. After four successful years here, Dimitris wanted to widen his horizons and moved “Kappos Etsi” to a listed building at P. Irioti Street, one of the most picturesque streets right in the heart of Aegina town.

Dimitris was an international representative of Greek cuisine and food culture in 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Estonia at the Tartu Twin Towns' National Cuisine Days. On the island of Aegina, Dimitris is an active member of the gastronomy team that participates in the Pistachio Festival, presenting innovative new recipes which combine fresh ingredients with the newly harvested Aegina pistachio nuts. Since 2014, “Kappos Etsi” has hosted a series of educational seminars about Culinary Arts which focus on cooking techniques and gastronomic innovation.

Dimitris Kappos, through his deep love and passion for Greek traditional cuisine has created unique recipes to delight every palate. Each one of his dishes is an artistic culinary experience blending tradition with innovation.




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The warm and welcoming restaurant of “Kappos Etsi” found its place in a listed building constructed of stone, located right in the heart of Aegina – a two-minute walk from the port. It is able to host parties of up to a hundred in the large restaurant space and a further eighty people in the picturesque garden area. The indoor area can be reserved by any group or school, for a wide range of celebratory events or gatherings like baptisms or receptions. It is also perfect for business lunches, dinners, or more formal meetings. It is ideal for visitors who are staying in local hotels, for tourists and day trippers from other islands or the mainland.

The wide and varied menu can be adapted to your personal preferences. Dimitris Kappos is here to create for you a delightful, culinary experience so that your visit becomes a special and unique memory.


Our address

Kappos Etsi
Panayi Irioti 9
Aegina, 180 10

Tel: 00302297027219